What Would You Give Up to Stay Together?

My first published short story in several years is out right now, thanks to Apparition Lit. I struggle a lot with short forms, so I doubly appreciate their taking a chance on me and helping me polish up the story so that it is as shiny and clear as can be. There’s also an audio recording of the story (not read by me, just didn’t have time to squeeze it into my schedule) by Maria Shrater (thank you Maria!).

“Watcher, Worker” is a lot about friendship that blurs into family, and what people are willing to give up (or not) to stay with someone they love and feel comfortable with. I think a lot about codependency and how so many people (if not most people) have codependent relationships with at least one primary person in their lives. It can be hard to distinguish between codependency and love, and when the world you live in is fraught with danger, those that are around you and stick with you become that much more important to you, whether you love them or not.

I look forward to hearing what you think about my story. And bookmark Apparition Lit for more cool speculative fiction stories from the margins.

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