Hidden Stories of Motherhood

I’m proud to be featured in this diverse, at turns heartbreaking and heartwarming but always thought-provoking collection of essays published by UK-based magazine Postscript, “Motherhood Untold: Six Essays on Unconventional Motherhood.” In it you’ll find pieces by on teen motherhood, how race and migration affect mothering, even the taboo subject of regretting motherhood. I’m honored … More Hidden Stories of Motherhood


Perhaps more bitter than sweet. That’s how it feels to be featured in this groundbreaking anthology, What God is Honored Here? Writings on Miscarriage and Infant Loss by and for Native Women and Women of Color. It’s the first anthology of its kind in terms of gathering writing by women of color on this important topic, … More Bittersweet

Lucky: My Reaction to Alex Tizon’s Essay on Eudocia Pulido

Originally published on Medium. I have not been sleeping well lately. I’m not a good sleeper in general, especially when I’m stressed or emotional. I stay up on my phone, reading things, Facebooking, arranging my calendar, trying to assert control over my unruly life. Since reading the late Alex Tizon’s groundbreaking essay about the woman … More Lucky: My Reaction to Alex Tizon’s Essay on Eudocia Pulido

Short Story: The Waterfall

Excerpt from ‘The Waterfall’

San Miguel, northwest Philippines, 1934

I have seen him before, when he comes to my house with his father, the postman, to help deliver packages. His name is Arturo Viray, and when he sees me he always smiles. Today, at the market, it’s the way he walks—leaning forward a little, his hands behind his back—that catches my eye. That’s the way Father walked. When I look at him he smiles again, and I wish I could talk to him, but Placitas, our maid, is just ahead of me and she always tell me not to talk to boys.
More Short Story: The Waterfall

When Surviving’s All You Can Do

I’m still reeling, as I know many people are, from the horrific, heartbreaking massacare of 49 people in Orlando, Florida last weekend. Many others have written and spoken more eloquently and knowledgeably than I ever could about the tragedy and how it’s affecting and will continue to affect the people who directly involved, as well as their friends, family and community. My heart in particular goes out to LGBTQQI everywhere, though I can’t understand the heartache and fear and pain this brings to you, but know that I stand with you and will do all I can to end homophobia in all its forms. … More When Surviving’s All You Can Do